A privately held real estate organization specializing in commercial and residential property management.

Commercial Services


Recognizing the importance of property management as a critical ingredient to the long-term success of a property, Majestic emphasizes the need for quality management services. Professionals in the management area are responsible for tenant relations and overseeing on-site operations at both commercial and residential properties. Majestic’s experience within the greater New York Metropolitan area provides boards and owners with localized and reliable management expertise. Majestic excels in large part due to its wide range of expertise and experience in offering complete and knowledgeable control of project management, leasing, tenant installations, operations, financing, maintenance, legal issues, accounting, and cooperative and board of director protocol and politics.

Leasing & Sales

Majestic’s leasing executives act as exclusive agents for numerous properties in the Metropolitan New York and Long Island markets. Majestic specializes in the leasing and sales of both commercial and residential properties, including office, retail, industrial and apartment buildings. As such, Majestic can provide services to cooperatives in which commercial space is available, whether in the form of simple laundry service rentals or in larger retail space leasing. Majestic’s on-site leasing staff actively negotiates renewal leases with existing tenants. Majestic aims to maximize the value of the property by keeping occupancy levels high and promptly addressing the needs of new and existing tenants.

General Contracting

Majestic prides itself on its highly effective and competitive general contracting business. Because of Majestic’s extremely hands on approach, our general contracting services are provided primarily in the New York region. In the office building arena, Majestic has provided complete rehabilitation services to over 500,000 square feet of interior office and industrial space over the last few years. Many projects include not only complete interior rehabs, but also full building system replacements and upgrades, including boiler replacements, rewiring electric systems, roof repairs and replacements, structural parking deck reconstruction, water tower replacement, elevator computerization and overhauls, fire system upgrades, window replacements, entrance and store front modernization, etc. In all cases, Majestic’s long-standing relationships with its subcontractors, as well as outside legal professionals focusing on governmental issues relating to renovation and construction matters in various locals, allows for extremely prompt and competitive bidding, a strong presence at the job site at all times, and true start to finish oversight from initial design concept to obtaining a C of O. Having repeatedly proven itself effective and efficient in the oversight of all components of a major rehabilitation process, Majestic has developed a clientele that includes many noteworthy tenants with extensive and recurring real estate needs, such as the City of New York (for which Majestic provides general contracting services to a number of distinct agencies), the State of New York, Johnson Controls, EDS, Kroger Stores and multiple corporate facilities. Additionally, Majestic has over 20 years experience in the strip shopping center market, constructing sizeable box in-line space and newly developing center out-parcels (e.g., Blockbuster Video and Capital One Bank).